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Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta is a bi-monthly Journal published by the Portuguese Electrochemical Society since 1983. Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta publishes original papers, brief communications, reviews and letters concerned with every aspect of theory and practice of electrochemistry, as well as articles in which topics on history, science policy, education, etc. in the electrochemical field (teaching or research) may be discussed.

Volume 36, Issue 5, 2018

3rd July, 2018

Electrochemical Development of Ni-Cu Electrodes by Direct and Pulse Current Coating in Ethanol Electro-oxidation for DEFC

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by Sujit Kumar Guchhait and Subir Paul


DOI: 10.4152/pea.201805293

Corrosion Inhibition of Zn in a 0.5 M HCl Solution by Ailanthus Altissima Extract

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by A.S. Fouda , S.M. Rashwan, M.M.K. Darwish and N.M. Arman


DOI: 10.4152/pea.201805309

A Kinetic Study of Oxalic Acid Electrochemical Oxidation on a Manganese Dioxide Rotating Cylinder Anode

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by Ali H. Abbar and Ammar S. Abbas


DOI: 10.4152/pea.201805325

Thymus Sahraouian Essential Oil as Corrosion Eco-friendly Inhibitor for Mild Steel in a Molar Hydrochloric Acid Solution

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by Z. Bensouda, M. Driouch, R.A. Belakhmima, M. Sfaira, M. Ebn Touhami and A. Farah


DOI: 10.4152/pea.201805339

Conducting Polypyrrole Coated Rebar in a Carbonated Concrete Pore Solution: Electrochemical Investigations

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by H. Munot, P. Deshpande and C. Modhera


DOI: 10.4152/pea.201805365